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COS Faculty Expertise Profiles

COS provides information resources to all disciplines through a collection of international databases, including the COS Faculty Expertise database. Establishing a profile allows UNCG faculty to take advantage of an alert service, that provides weekly electronic notifications about new or updated information in the COS Funding Opportunities database and to receive funding announcements directly from the Office of Sponsored Programs. Once a profile is created, researchers have access to a variety of COS data sets and services through their personal workbench.

Profiles are stored in a secure, password protected system. Profiles should be updated at least once each year, but can be altered as often as the need arises. Once you edit a profile segement, however, that segment should not be altered for a 2-3 day period.

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Before you create a new record, do a quick search to see if you are already in the system. OSP can help if you have forgotten an old password. Coming to UNCG from another institution? Simply update your profile to reflect you UNCG appointment.

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