The Office of Sponsored Programs

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is already registered with Grants.Gov. No additional registration by a PI or departmental administrator is necessary.

The Office of Sponsored Programs submits the final proposal application to Grants.Gov.

The application is a package of forms that have to be completed. It is NOT web based.

  • Use Internet Explorer.
  • You need to enable cookie support and pop-ups.
  • Complete the SF 424 R & R form (or other cover page) first as it populates other forms.
  • The file does NOT automatically save. You have to click on SAVE to save the data entered.
  • When editing attachments, be sure that you are working on the file from your desk top and not within the application.

The New Adobe Forms & – The 10 step process…

Step 1

Download Adobe Viewer 8.1.1 or newer. This can be found on the website. It is required that you use Adobe Reader version 8.1.1 for (Adobe) applications. Adobe Reader 8.1.1 is available to download for free on the website. There is a corruption issue when utilizing other versions of Adobe Reader including 8.0 and 8.1. [Microsoft VISTA can be utilized with Adobe Reader version 8.1.1. Simply use the “save as” feature.] Note: You must use Adobe Reader to work on the application (NOT) Adobe Professional. You can install Adobe Reader in addition to having Adobe Professional software installed. Application packages SHOULD NOT be opened in Adobe Professional. To ensure the application package opens in Adobe Reader you will need to set your Adobe default to Adobe Reader. To set Adobe Reader as your default, right click on Adobe Professional icon on your computer click on “Properties” and then choose Adobe Reader as the default. You will still need Adobe Professional to create the .pdf attachment files.

Step 2

Download the Application Package (each package is specific to the solicitation that you are applying for.)

Step 3

Save to Desktop.

Step 4

Open Adobe Application.

Step 5

Yellow fields are mandatory fields. They must be completed. Agencies might have additional mandatory fields that are not yellow but will prohibit an application being accepted into the agency’s system. Be sure to follow their instructions!

Step 6

Click on the document you want to work on then click on OPEN. Complete the forms beginning with the SF 424 R & R (or other cover page as it will populate forms.) (Within a form, Click on CLOSE button and then once you are back at the opening page of the application click SAVE button).

Step 7

Attach necessary Files (Within a form, Click on CLOSE button and then once you are back at the opening page of the application click SAVE button).

Step 8

When a form is completed move it over to the completed documents by click on the arrow point to the completed box.

Step 9

After all mandatory forms and any necessary optional forms are completed and moved into the completion box.

Step 10

Attach your package in your RAMSeS proposal file.

Remember: When sharing the document be careful about the version that you are using. (Only one individual may make edits at a time)

Agency-Specific Guidance for

Each agency will have specific guidelines and differing requirements for an application. Be sure to follow the agency guidelines!
Contact your Grants Specialist for assistance!

National Science Foundation

View the NSF Guide (PDF)
It may take up to 10 hours or more for the proposal to be sent from to the FastLane system. If submitting a proposal with subawards or as a simultaneous collaborative submission, applicants cannot use but must use FastLane.

The most likely causes of rejection are:

The attachments are not in PDF format. Attachments must be in PDF Format. (You can use FastLane to convert files)

Two or more attachments have the same name.

Applicant enters invalid funding opportunity, division code and program code.

Duplicate Key persons on the R & R Senior/Key Person form

National Institutes of Health

You can either view the NIH Application Guide and Instructions from NIH’s site or you can view & print out the step-by-step handout for finding a application for NIH and then how to complete the form. See the sections below for additional guidance.
Other guidance from NIH:

After submission via, the Principal Investigator and the Institutional Representative are required to independently verify the proposal in the eRA Commons system within two business days if no action is taken the submission is accepted into the NIH system.

If changes are necessary, an entirely new proposal must be submitted via

Submit your final proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs FIVE business days in advance, to allow recovery time if your proposal is rejected for any reason.

Helpful Notes and pre-populated forms for NIH
Budget note: Do not open the form for the R&R Budget if submitting a Modular Budget. Opening this will cause certain fields to become highlighted, which will require these fields to be addressed otherwise you will get error messages when submitting.

If you have questions about the forms, please contact your OSP Grants Specialist.

The top two reasons NIH proposals are rejected by

Missing Commons User ID in the Credential Field: The application did not include the PI’s Commons User ID in the field called “Credential, e.g. agency login.” This field is not marked as required on the government-wide form but is required by NIH, as noted in the SF424 (R & R) Application Guide. The field is located in the first section called “Profile – Project Director/Principal Investigator” on the Senior/Key Person Profile(s) component of the SF424 (R & R) form.

PDF issues: NIH only accepts attachments in PDF format. Do not submit attachments in other formats such as Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, etc. Do not put special characters in file names. Disable all security features in the PDF document. Do not include active links in any PDF document. Do not send PDF documents with editable fields (fields that can be changed).