The Office of Sponsored Programs

Institutional Profile Information

Institutional and Fiscal Data FY15-16

Applicant Institution The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Authorized Institutional Signatures/Chancellor Designee Valera T. Francis, Ph.D. Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Mailing Address UNCG Office of Sponsored Programs
1111 Spring Garden Street
2702 Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building
Greensboro, NC 27412-5013
Telephone Number (336) 334-5878
FAX Number (336) 334-3140
Email Address
Financial Officer/Fiscal Agent William Walters, Director
UNCG Office of Contracts & Grants
2511 Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building
Greensboro, NC  27412-5013
Telephone Number (336) 334-5091
FAX Number (336) 256-2599
Email Address
IRB Assurance Number FWA00000216
IRB Assurance Expiration 07/01/2016
IRB Registration Number IRB00000894
IACUC Assurance Number A3706-01
DUNS Number 616152567
Federal Employer ID 56-6001468
Cage Code 09GC3
NCES# FIPS Code IPEDS N/A (See FIPS Code or IPEDS #) 37 199148
UNCG US Congressional District 06
Other NC Congressional Districts
NC House District 58
NC Senate District 28
County Guilford

INDIRECT COST RATES: UNCG F&A Rate Agreement 4-23-15

  • Federally negotiated F&A Agreement with the US Dept.of Health and Human Services (Indirect Cost Rate) – 45.5% MTDC (agreement date: 4/23/2015; effective date: 7/1/2014)
  • Off Campus Indirect Cost Rate – 26% MTDC (agreement date: 4/23/2015; effective date: 7/1/2014)
  • Cognizant Agency –  US DHHS, Theodore Foster, 214-767-3261


Faculty/Staff: as of July 1, 2015 (start date of FY16), a composite fringe benefit rate of 33% should be used for EPA permanent three quarter- to full-time personnel and 37% for SPA permanent three quarter- to full-time personnel in proposal writing, except in cases where the sponsor requires otherwise.

Student/Temp: as of July 1, 2015 (start date of FY16), a composite fringe benefit rate of 8.65% should be used for non-enrolled students/temporary staff and 1.0% for enrolled students, except in cases where the sponsor requires otherwise.

Fringe Benefit FY 16 Rate
EPA Composite Fringe 33%
SPA Composite Fringe 37%
FICA 7.65%
Optional Retirement 12.68%
State Retirement 15.21%
Medical $5,564
EPA Fringe Reserve 2.6%
SPA Fringe Reserve 2.6%
Temp/Student (enrolled) 1.0%
Temp/Student (non-enrolled) 8.65% (1.0% + FICA)

*Please note that the rates for retirement and medical are subject to change at any time based on the state legislature.  Updates will be made available to the UNCG research community as soon C&G/OSP are notified of any changes.

The Fringe benefit rates will be reviewed on an annual basis and adjustments to the rate will be made based on the claims incurred in past fiscal years. The federal government has approved the above rates for charging to federally-sponsored awards.

Graduate Student Stipend

Note: The total support package for a graduate student may include tuition and fees; these costs should be figured into your budget.



Minimum wage is $ 7.25 per hour in the State of North Carolina.  There is no maximum rate though hourly rates should be equitable, consistent with the discipline and type of work performed.  To calculate a semester’s salary from an hourly rate, base it on 83 instructional days per semester.  This applies to undergraduate assistants as well as to graduate students who are being paid on an hourly basis. Hourly rates for student assistants range from the minimum wage to as high as $10 per hour depending on the type of work performed. PERSONNEL COMPENSATION


International travel: Proposals submitted to federal funding agencies that include out-of-country travel may request the subsistence rate published in the Federal Register for that location. The Federal Register rates for out-of-country travel are available online (Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas) through the US Dept. of State. If a PI elects to claim the federal per diem, the published per diem is the maximum amount that can be reimbursed. Excess subsistence for lodging will not be allowed. A receipt for lodging expenses from a commercial lodging establishment must be presented for reimbursement. NOTE: For a more detailed description of the UNCG travel regulations, see the Travel Policies and Procedures from the Office of Financial Services and/or consult with the person handling travel audit in the Office of Financial Services.