The Office of Sponsored Programs

Budget Revisions

Pre-award Budget Revisions

Once a proposal has been submitted, the sponsor may decide to fund the research (project).  However, the recommendation to award could be at a reduced level of funding. If this is the case, the sponsor will typically notify UNCG of the requested budget revision either by contacting The Office of Sponsored Programs and/or the PI directly. The sponsor request may include a maximum budget amount, due date for the revision, and an explanation of how the budget revision should be submitted and what materials are required—this will vary by sponsor (e.g., NSF requires budget revisions to be submitted via Fastlane, while other sponsors may request revised budget materials be sent via email).

If a budget revision is requested prior to award, a revised internal budget and budget justification must be submitted to OSP for review. OSP will work closely with the PI/PD to ensure that the revised budget is in compliance with both the sponsor request and, where applicable, with University policy.. Unless the revision involves additional cost-sharing, or significantly affects the proposed F&A calculations, the revised budget materials do not need to go through all the same approval channels as the original proposal (OSP can assist with determining whether this is necessary or not). Once finalized, the revised budget, budget justification, and a pdf copy of the budget revision request should be uploaded to the original RAMSeS proposal submission file for internal tracking purposes. As a final step, OSP will review all budget materials, ensuring the revision is in the proper format, and will work directly with the external sponsor to submit as requested.

Post-Award Budget Revisions

Often a sponsor may request a revised budget for a currently funded project. If a revised budget is requested, the Office of Contracts and Grants (C&G) will provide assistance. Please contact your C&G Specialist for additional information regarding post-award budget revisions. Please note that the OSP is responsible for the final review and submission of all post-award budget requests.