The Office of Sponsored Programs

No-Cost Extensions

The Principal Investigator is expected to finalize work under a sponsored agreement within the period of performance specified in the award. If a PI needs added time to complete the authorized scope of work, the request should be submitted to your Grants Specialist in OSP.

The guidelines for extending the period of an award are normally provided in the awarding Federal agency guidelines. If the award is with the State or a private agency, the terms are normally stated in the award document.

Most sponsors allow no-cost extensions of the final grant period to provide maximum possible continuity in funding research and educational activities. Many federal sponsors now allow grantee institutions to extend the final budget period one time for a duration of up to twelve months. Normally no single extension may exceed twelve months and only in exceptional cases will more than one extension be grant. In all cases, the Principal Investigator must complete the Request for A No-Cost Extension form to OSP and must contain the following information:

  • The length of time the extension is being requested.
  • Justification for the extension.
  • A brief statement as to progress and work remaining to be completed

The OSP must notify the sponsor within the sponsor’s deadlines. A letter is sent to the sponsor via the program official, with a copy to the grant official.


In no case does a sponsor allow for an extension simply to use up unexpended funds.

A no-cost extension requested after the end date of a grant will not be honored by the sponsor.