The Office of Sponsored Programs

Proposal Preparation and Submission Process

The Proposal Submission process begins when the PI works with Department and Research Dean’s Office(s) on preparing the proposal. This should commence at least 10 business days before the proposal submission date when the PI initiates a RAMSeS proposal file that includes an attachment of the sponsor’s submission guidelines. After this is done, the PI reviews the guidelines for the application process and the requirements, begins writing the technical/narrative portion of the proposal, and develops the budget. Once all of the sections in the RAMSeS proposal file have been completed (preferably at least 5 business days prior to the proposal submission date), the PI submits the RAMSeS proposal file for routing and approval. For this to go smoothly through the routing process, all parts of the proposal, except the proposal narrative must be in final form.

As the proposal is routed through RAMSeS, it is reviewed by the department chairs (or Center or Institute Directors) of the PI and all co-PIs, for department/unit compatibility, budget, or other commitments or use of facilities and by the dean(s) of the PI and all Co-PIs, for consistency with college or unit goals, budget, or other commitments or use of facilities. During the routing phase, the PI also works with their designated Grants Specialist in the Office of Sponsored Programs to finalize the proposal package prior to submission to funding agency. The package will be reviewed by OSP for compliance to university policy, state or federal regulations, budget and fiscal compliance, sponsor certifications and assurances, adherence to regulatory and safety compliance, and potential conflicts of interest.

Once all aspects of the proposal package are found to be in accordance with these policies, OSP completes one final review of the proposal to makes sure it meets the requirements and guidelines of the sponsor’s RFP. When the final review has taken place, depending on the guidelines and/or PI preference, either the PI or OSP will submit the proposal package to the funding agency. Details of who needs to submit, and the method for submission, must be included in the General Information section of the RAMSeS proposal file.

Proposal Submission Process


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