UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

Once your proposal is submitted most sponsors will send a letter or email indicating if your submission will be funded or not funded. Refer to the sponsor’s guidelines for timing of their decisions. It is not recommended that you contact the sponsor during this time for an update; however PIs should be prepared to respond to sponsor inquiries about their proposal.

Should you receive notice that your submission will not be funded, we recommend:

  • Notify your OSP Grants Specialist
  • Determine if and when you might receive comments from reviewers.
  • Notify your department administrator, Research Dean, and/or Department Chair. Many departments will schedule a meeting between PIs and Research Deans or Department Chairs to review comments and discuss next steps.
  • Some options for non-funded proposals may include:
    • seeking additional feedback from peers in your field.
    • seeking additional feedback from sponsor. Some sponsors, most commonly non-federal sponsors, will agree to speak with PIs about their proposal. Contact your OSP Specialist for guidance before you contact the sponsor.
    • revision and resubmission to the same sponsor and/or funding opportunity.
    • revision and resubmission to a new sponsor and/or funding opportunity.
    • no further submissions of the proposal.

In most cases, consultation with your Research Dean and Department Chair will be the most beneficial in determining the next steps for your project.