UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

In order to expedite project administrative tasks, please utilize the forms below. These forms will provide your OSP Grants Specialist with the needed information to complete your request.

Agreement Request Form – The Agreement Request Form should be completed by the PI or departmental research staff, when we are the recipient of funding and the Sponsor would like UNCG to initiate the paperwork on their behalf.

Assumption of Risk (AOR) Guidance and Form 2019 – Guidance on UNCG’s Assumption of Risk procedure for Researcher’s awaiting official award notification.

No-Cost Extension Request – Procedure for request a no-cost time extension for a current funded project.

Subagreement Request Form– The Subagreement Request Form should be completed by PIs or departmental research staff, when a subagreement must be issued.

UNCG Subrecipient Commitment and Monitoring Form – This form must be completed at time of submission by Subrecipient institution.