UNCG Sponsored Programs

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The UNCG Proposal Preparation and Submission Process.


Initial Stages

  • Prior to beginning the proposal, the PI reviews the guidelines for the application process and the requirements.
  • PI works with department and research dean’s office(s) on preliminary aspects of the proposal.
  • Identify required resources and personnel need for the project.

Proposal Development

  • PI begins writing the technical/narrative portion of the proposal and develops the budget.
  • At least 10 business days prior to the proposal submission day, PI submits the RAMSeS proposal file for routing and approval – all parts of the proposal, except the proposal narrative must be in final form (files completed and uploaded into the proposal package/format).  The proposal is routed in RAMSeS and reviewed by the department chairs (or Center of Institute Directors) of the PI and all co-PIs.
  • PI works with the Grant Specialist responsible for budget review in the Office of Sponsored Programs to finalize budget.

Proposal Finalization

  • PI works with the Grant Specialist in the Office of Sponsored Programs to finalize the proposal package prior to submitting to funding agency.  OSP will review for compliance to university policy, state and federal regulations, budget and fiscal compliance, sponsor certifications and assurances, adherence to regulatory and safety compliance, and potential conflicts of interest.

Proposal Submission

  • The Office of Sponsored Programs completes one final review of the proposal to make sure it meets the requirements and guidelines of the sponsor’s RFP
  • The Office of Sponsored Programs submits the proposal to the funding agency – either electronically or in paper form.  There are instances where the PI submits the proposal directly to the funding agency.  When this occurs, the PI should inform OSP that they will submit and provide confirmation once the proposal has been successfully submitted to the funding agency.