UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

Roles and responsibilities for UNCG Research Administrative Support Staff, Central Office Administrators and Faculty.


OSP – Office of Sponsored Programs      C&G – Office of Contracts and Grants

ORI – Office of Research Integrity      IPSO – Innovation Partnership Services Office

UC – University Counsel      ORE – Office of Research and Engagement


ResponsibilityPI/DepartmentDean/DirectorResearch Admin.
Reviews requests for proposals for technical requirementsX
Reviews requests for proposals for institutional compliance OSP
Prepare Technical ProposalX
Assures proposed project is appropriate and in-line with departmental and institutional missionXX
Assures proposed project has qualified personnel and adequate spaceX
Develops initial budget draft to accomplish proposed scope of workX
Reviews budget for appropriated salaries, fringes, tuition, indirect, and escalationsOSP
Requests and documents approval for cost sharing as requiredOSP
Provides documentation for cost sharing X
Reviews and approves required and voluntary cost sharingOSP
Prepares final version of proposal as required by the sponsorX
Completes Proposal Approval Document and as appropriate, other attachments and routes all forms for electronic signatures in RAMSeSX
Submits proposal to the OSP 5 days in advance of sponsor deadline in RAMSeSX
Provides authorized UNCG signatureOSP
Copies and mails proposals as dictated by the instructions to OSP in the general information or application notes in RAMSeSOSP
Negotiates material transfer, confidentiality agreements, and intellectual propertyOSP
Negotiates sponsored research agreementsOSP
Maintains proposal pending files in RAMSeSOSP
Assures compliance with Responsible Conduct of ResearchXXOSP/ORI/ORE
Prepares and submits protocols for research involving human subjects, animal use, and biosafety hazardsX
Ensures investigators are submitting protocols to appropriate compliance committee(s)X
Approves compliance protocolsORI
Assures and provides documentation of certification and representations to sponsorXOSP
Assures compliance with federal regulations regarding Export ControlsOSP/ORE
Assures compliance with federal regulations regarding financial disclosure of potential conflicts of interest (COI)XUC/ORI
Maintains security clearances for faculty and staff ORE
Responsible for the receipt and the safe guarding of classified materialXXX
Accepts awards on behalf of the University of North Carolina at GreensboroOSP
Negotiates award terms and condition (publication restrictions, indemnification, intellectual property, governing law, payment terms, financial reporting requirements)OSP
Agrees to all terms and conditions as they relate to performance clauses (frequency of technical reports, special professional staff hourly reporting, deliverables, and conditions of termination)X
Establishes award funds in accordance with award documentationC&G
Initiates requests for subawardsX
Drafts, negotiates and administers all subawardsOSP
Ensures subawardee is in compliance with A-133XOSP/C&G
Maintains award data in RAMSeSOSP
Completes internal award documents (i.e. Assumption of Risk)X
Initiates and encumbers personnel transactionsX
Assures appropriateness, reasonableness and allowability of expendituresXC&G
Provides oversight of sponsored project administration including the review of cost transfers and effort reportingXXC&G
Reviews and reports cost sharing efforts to sponsorC&G
Reviews expenditures in restricted budget categoriesC&G
Manages the personnel activity reporting systemC&G
Initiates request for re-budgeting and cost transfersX
Approves substantive modifications and re-budgetingXOSP/C&G
Reviews and approves all cost transfersC&G
Requests no-cost time extensionsXOSP
Reviews and approves requests for no-cost time extensionsOSP
Submits and tracks all invoices (no matter who prepares for payment)C&G
Approves payment of subawardee invoicesX
Assures timely resolution of fund overdraftsXX
Revenue collection (invoicing, letter of credit draw-downs, wire transfers, etc)C&G
Reconciles any revenue shortfallsXC&G
Completes interim reports as required by sponsorXOSP/C&G
Prepares technical reports and provides other deliverables as requiredX
Documents cost sharing funds as requiredX
Prepares and submits to sponsor financial reports and final invoices as required C&G
Participates in negotiations when technical reports are incomplete and deliverables are unacceptable to sponsorOSP
Responds to close-out questionnaireX
Files appropriate close-out documentsOSP/C&G