UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

We are pleased to announce a new program in support of NSF CAREER proposals from UNCG faculty.

Below are a few highlights. Details can be found in this document.

  • Up to 7 eligible faculty will be selected for the CPDP for Spring 2019.
  • Target audience consists of Assistant Professors (or equivalent) on tenure track, who are engaged in research in an area of science, engineering, or education supported by NSF.  
  • The CPDP will run through June, meeting ~3 times per month.  
    • The primary focus is on informal “writing group” sessions to share drafts and get feedback within the group
    • Some meetings will be more structured, with a topic focus or guest experts.
  • The incentive structure consists of:
    • $1000 in a research fund when faculty submit a CAREER proposal to NSF
    • $4000 in a research fund upon receipt of a CAREER award at any point in the future (i.e. an award on any of the 3 attempts)

Applications for the CPDP are due by Friday Feb 15th at 5PM, submitted via infoready, and will consist of:

  • Teacher/scholar plan for the project (2pgs)
  • CV/Resume (3pgs)
  • Letter of support from Dept Chair

Apply via infoready: https://uncg.infoready4.com/#manageCompetitionsDetail/1783213

Questions? For more information or to receive this notice through email, contact aubreyturner@uncg.edu.