UNCG Sponsored Programs

Facilitating Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

NCBC Flash Grants (NEW for 2019):
Support for short, tightly focused research projects in two categories:

  • To obtain crucial proof-of-concept or feasibility testing data necessary to suggest the disruptive potential of a life science technology, and/or
  • To conduct the final experiment(s) needed to advance a basic life science research program into the translational research phase* of development

Up to $24,000 may be requested. Applicants must be researchers at North Carolina-based universities or nonprofit research institutes. For additional details see: https://www.ncbiotech.org/flash

Cycle 1 Deadline: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 (noon) (Open to technologies in all life science sectors)
Cycle 2 Deadline: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 (noon) (Open to digital- and data-driven life science technologies only)

NCBC Translational Research Grant (TRG) (NEW for 2019):
A merger of the existing BIG and TEG programs. (BIG and TEG programs are now discontinued.) $100,000 maximum request

  • Eligible intellectual property status may range from invention disclosure to issued patent
  • Team-driven
  • Emphasis on Project management
    • Milestone driven, with progression toward deliverables
    • Project manager highly encouraged
    • Team meetings with NCBC
    • Disbursements triggered upon reaching each milestone
  • TRG will have two cycles per year, one spring and one fall. Guidelines will be posted to www.ncbiotech.org/TRG sometime the week of January 7. The submission deadline will be in mid-March.

NCBC Innovation Impact Grant (IIG) (NEW for 2019):
$150,000 per award, with a 25% match required. Launches in Summer 2019

  • Provides research infrastructure support for a multi-institutional shared piece of research equipment at a university core facility
    • Addresses critical need for enabling infrastructure
    • Helps Universities Compete for Federal Grants
    • Funding not readily available through state or federal agencies
  • IIG is an evolution of the Institutional Development Grant (IGD)
    • Major change in the applicant team and placement of the equipment. In past IDG proposals, the applicants were teams of faculty, the purchased equipment could be placed in any lab, and equipment access beyond the applicant team could be very limited. Now with IIG, the equipment must be more widely accessible, placed in a clearly designated core facility with charge-back capability (cost center), and must be available to anyone on campus that pays the established charges.

NCBC Pfizer Gene Therapy Fellowships (GTF) for post-docs will return for 2019.
See: https://www.ncbiotech.org/funding/grants/pfizer-fellowships

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